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Nature Reserve & Biological Station


In the reserve and at the field station there is always plenty to do. We welcome volunteers who want to help us with our day-to-day activities to manage the nature reserve and support our conservation work. To realize our different activities in the reserve we rely on the helping hands of volunteers who in turn will be able to experience the vast natural beauty of the Chocó rainforest at a considerably low cost.
Volunteers help us with the following tasks (click on pictures for more info):

Volunteer Work FAQs


Who can apply?

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and ages (18+). Prior experience is not necessarily required. We are generally looking for nature-loving, open-minded people who don't mind to get their hands dirty. Sometimes daily activities require us to work in rainy or hot and sunny conditions. And sometimes the work can also be physically demanding. Therefore volunteers should come with a reasonable level of physical fitness. Volunteers share a house and often also rooms with other volunteers or students. Therefore they should come open-minded to a situation where they might not have as much privacy for a while. We ask our volunteers to be respectful, organized and tidy, in order to guarantee a harmonic work and living experience for everybody.

Is there a cost for volunteering?

We charge from 125 US$ per week to cover the expenses for food and lodging at the station house.

What does the work schedule for volunteers look like?

We expect volunteers to help us with our daily chores for about 5 hours per day (usually 8am-1pm) on week days. Afternoons and weekends are free.


Is there a minimum stay?

Yes! We prefer volunteers who commit to at least 4 weeks of volunteer work.

Do volunteers participate in biological research in the reserve?

Volunteers usually only help us with the daily tasks that don't require specific training and/or supervision. If you are interested in participating in biological research projects, you could combine the volunteer work with a biological internship. Or if you are already a skilled professional in one of our fields of research (e.g. bird banding), please contact us to enquire about current opportunities.

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My time as a volunteer was something I will never forget. I am very glad I could leave something behind. Working with Wilo and Christian was very pleasant and we had a lot of fun.


Tanja, Netherlands

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