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Nature Reserve & Biological Station

Bird Banding Training Course

Studying birds in the Neotropics


In the scope of the long-term monitoring of the bird communities in the nature reserve and its surroundings  Un poco del Chocó offers bird banding training both to beginners and advanced banders. Our 10-day intensive course is designed for only a small number of participants which allows us to customize our training to the needs of the participants, depending on prior knowledge and skills. Individuals who are new to bird banding will learn the basics of scientific bird banding and avian monitoring techniques, while those who already possess some banding skills will be able to advance their comprehension of molt strategies, ageing and sexing techniques of birds in the hand.


Participants will learn how to set up and monitor mistnets, extract birds from nets, assist in the banding process (band, measure, age and sex birds) and record data. Several class room style lectures will be dedicated to teach ethical bird banding, bird safety, operation of a banding station, ageing and sexing techniques, molt analysis, and the use of the WRP terminology to age birds.

Furthermore we will give demonstrations of hummingbird banding, the installation and use of canopy nets, and the collection of samples (blood, feathers, feces). For more details please check the infosheet below!



We are currently not offering a customized course, 
but please contact us if you are interested in training opportunities. 

Course fee 1250 US $


This covers the costs for food (three meals per day), lodging in a double room (bunk bed), use of the station’s facilities and WiFi, the lab and research equipment, professional supervision and taxes.

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