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In the reserve and at the field station there is always plenty to do. We are very happy to receive volunteers who want to support our conservation work. Volunteers will help us with the following tasks (click on pictures for more info):

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Volunteer Work FAQs


Is there a cost for volunteering?

We charge from 95 US$ per week for food and lodging at the station house.

How much do I have to work?

Volunteers work 5 hours per day (usually 8am-1pm) on week days.

Weekends are free.


Is there a minimum stay?

Yes! We prefer volunteers who commit to at least 4 weeks of volunteer work.


Do volunteers participate in biological research in the reserve?

Unless you are already a skilled professional in one of our fields of research (e.g. bird banding), volunteers usually only help us with the daily tasks described above. But if you would also like to participate in biological research projects, you could combine the volunteer work with a biological internship.

Are you interested in volunteering with us??

My work as a volunteer was something to never forget. I am very glad I could leave something behind. Working with Wilo and Christian was very pleasant and we had a lot of fun.


Tanja, Netherlands

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