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Nature Reserve & Biological Station



Un poco del Chocó invites nature lovers to visit the nature reserve and the biological field station. Let the diversity of the Chocó fascinate you!
Visitors can observe Dwarf Iguanas at Nature Reserve Un poco del Chocó in Ecuador South America.
Birdwatching at Un poco del Chocó Nature Reserve Ecuador South America
Ecotourism Nature Reserve Un poco del Chocó Ecuador South America
Nature Observation


For nature lovers there is a lot to explore in the nature reserve. Nearly 5km of trails through the montane rainforest await you.


The experienced nature guide Nicole can guide you on your discovery journey through the lush vegetation and she’ll teach you about the characteristics of tropical forests.

You can also explore the rainforest on your own walking our 2km long nature learning with 30 different stations.


Another trail leads you downhill to the river Pachijal. On a lucky day you might encounter the Andean-Cock-of-the Rock, the Torrent Duck or a Western Basilisk. In dry season the natural pool of the river invites you for a refreshing swim before heading back to the station.



Being situated between 950-1200 m above sea level, at the Un poco del Chocó nature reserve you’ll find numerous lowland bird species and Chocó-endemics as well as the typical cloud and montane forest species. More than 275 bird species have been registered in the 15 hectares of montane rainforest.


Should this diversity not be enough, you can also observe birds on the road to Las Tolas. This road leads up to an elevation of 2000 m, which offers an even broader variety of bird species.



Visitors will be lodged at the station house where we can host up to 26 visitors in double rooms or dormitories.

Our full-board lodging includes three meals. We serve both Ecuadorian and international food at the station.

I enjoyed the company, the food, the comfortable bed and walking the trails.


Will, UK

I had a fantastic time with some top quality birding, delicious meals and nice chats with the hosts.


Mathieu, France

Good food, good birds, good bed!


Lynn, USA

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