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Testimonials & Guestbook




Simply a life changing experience

For the preparation of my environmental sciences studies at university, I thought it would be a good idea to get some work experience and spend some time in nature. I stumbled across this place in the internet and applied for three months of volunteering.
I worked with Wilo, Christian and Leo everyday. All three of them are very funny, so no day of work went without laughter and giggles. I learned so much from Wilo, he was like a mentor to me and taught me about the jungle, it’s maintenance and woodcarving. I even acquired gardening and cooking skills.
In our free time all the interns and volunteers would come together go on jungle adventures, trek to a waterfall hike. We would wake up early to see birds and stay up late to try and find anything living and moving, e.g. like an armadillo. One of my favorite things was to learn from Nicole, Wilo and Laura about all the birds and spend the morning bird banding. I learned so incredibly much and I’m so grateful that there’s people in this world like Wilo and Nicole, who spend everyday protecting it!
This is a truly magical place, it’s beyond beautiful! You’re right there in this mystical so pure and untouched paradise.

I miss Wilo, Nicole, Toga, Klecks and Bagira so much. Can’t wait to come and visit again after I finished University!




Research Internship

My wettest dream

The wildest, greenest and most wonderful place I have ever been to. Welcoming and smart people have only made my stay more pleasant. My 4 months in the Chocó rainforest were more than amazing.

I would like to recommend this place to everybody who wants to do research in an almost untamed place were it feels like home.

Thank you for everything I could do and learn.






Bird Banding

As I am a bird bander, whenever I travel I like to volunteer at a local banding station. Nicole graciously accommodated our schedule to enable us to help with her MOSI banding project. We then assisted a graduate student from Quito with capturing hummingbirds. Great location with a lot of neat birds. Accommodation and meals were simple but adequate. Nicole was also very helpful in arranging transportation and a stay in Mindo.





Volunteer & Intern

Wonderful Experience!

Our stay at Un poco del Chocó was great! My friends and I had an amazing time working alongside Nicole and volunteering with Wilo. As interns we were able to participate in bird banding, setting up mist nets, and setting up/monitering trail cameras. The reserve itself is beautiful and we all had an amazing time birding and exploring the natural areas.

Thanks for a great time!




Research Internship

Amazing experience

There is so much to see at Un poco del Choco! The flora and avifauna is just incredible. And that's not all; the people are all amazingly happy persons which makes the stay a real enjoyment!




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