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Nature Reserve & Biological Station

Our Research Projects.

Are you interested in our ongoing-research projects?

Learn more about our work as a bird observatory and our avian reseach program, the investigation of plant-hummingbird interactions and our participation in the EPHI project, or the different inventories and surveys on biodiversity !!

Bird Observatory & Avian Research

Bird Observatory & Avian Research

A special focus of our research at Un poco del Chocó lies on the study and monitoring of the rich avifauna in and around our reserve. We realize regular censuses, as well as constant-effort mistnetting and banding.

Pollination Ecology

Pollination Ecology

Since the beginning of 2017 we are collaborating in a broader study which investigates the ecology of hummingbird-plant-interaction networks.

Biodiversity Surveys & Inventories

Biodiversity Surveys & Inventories

The biodiversity of the nature reserve Un poco del Chocó has not yet been well researched. To facilitate the identification of certain species to future visitors of the station, species lists and field guides to certain animal or plant families are compiled.

Camera Trap Project

Camera Trap Project

Several camera traps are monitoring the activity of mammals and ground birds in different parts of the reserve.

Your Own Tropical Field Studies.


Scientists and students are welcome to conduct their field studies for independent research or thesis projects at the biological station Un poco del Chocó. In the past years, the nature reserve has served as a study site to investigate several independent research and thesis projects (listed here). Field studies at Un poco del Chocó can be conducted and supervised in one of our ongoing research projects. We would like to encourage students and interns to elaborate further research on these topics. Furthermore new projects and research ideas are always welcome!!

Independent Research


The field work for independent research projects can be realized in the nature reserve and its surroundings. During a study project a workplace in the lab will be provided for researchers or students. Likewise the available scientific literature and station’s equipment can be used (please ask for a detailed list).


In the case of bachelor and master's theses Nicole can help planning and realizing the field work as your external supervisor.

Research proposal


If you are interested in conducting an independent research project at the nature reserve and biological station Un poco del Chocó, please add a research proposal to your application.


The proposal should contain the following:

- duration of study

- exposition of research topic

- aim of study

- existing research (literature)

- approach, material and methods

- expected results

Research permits


Any manipulation or collection of wildlife needs to be approved! This means that depending on your research project you might need to apply for a research permit at the Ministry of Environment.
For further details about the application requirements please
contact us.


Researcher rates are starting at 275 $*/week

*depends on length of stay, the amount of supervision, field assistance and resources needed

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