Nature Reserve & Biological Station

Frequently asked questions

General Information

How do I get to Un poco del Chocó?

How do I get to Un poco del Chocó with my own car?

Can I get to Un poco del Chocó with public transport?

How often do busses go from Quito?

How much costs a taxi?

Should I get there at a certain time?

Doctor & Co.

Which vaccines do I need?

What about medical care?

Travel arrangements

Do I need a Visa?

Do I need a travel insurance?

Can you recommend any hostels in Quito?

Can you give any travel tips for Ecuador and the Galapagos?

Lodging & Facilities

Is there cell phone reception at the reserve?

Is there an internet connection at Un poco del Chocó?

Is there drinking water at the station house?

I am vegetarian. Is that a problem?

Will the Biological Station be closed on holidays or for vacation?

Is there electricity at the reserve?

What's the rainy season like? Does it rain all day?

How much capacity do you have to lodge people?

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Interns & Volunteers


How much time in advance do I have to apply?

We are a couple. Can we come and stay together at Un poco del Chocó?

I am under 18. Can I apply for an intership or volunteer work?

Do I have to apply in Spanish?

Can I do an internship or volunteer anytime?

Before you go

What should I bring?

Can you recommend any books?

When do I have to pay?

How much (pocket-)money will I probably need?

Station Life

Where can I do my laundry?

What can I do on my weekends?

Do I have to speak Spanish?

Where is the next shop?

What will the rooming situation be like?

Facts for interns

Do I need an investigation permit?

Will I get credits for my internship?

Shall I bring my own laptop?

Facts for volunteers

How much do I have to work?

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Downloads & Links


Information sheets

Species lists

Internship reports & thesis


Blogs of volunteers & interns

Our Banded Ground-Cuckoos in the online press

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