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Nature Reserve & Biological Station

Help us fund a Motus tower

Join us in bringing cutting-edge Motus technology to Un poco del Chocó!

Motus utilizes advanced radio telemetry to track wildlife movements, providing crucial data for conservation efforts. We're launching a crowdfunding campaign to install the first Motus tower in the biodiverse Chocó region.

Motus Technology: Learn about the groundbreaking tracking system here.

Why It Matters:

  • Biodiversity: Northwest Ecuador hosts a tremendous diversity of bird species, but their movements are poorly studied.

  • Conservation Impact: Motus enables precise tracking for effective conservation strategies.


Collaborative Research Goals with Motus:

  1. Migration Patterns: Understand the migratory routes of bird species in the region.

  2. Behavioral Studies: Monitor and analyze the behavior of key wildlife populations.

  3. Habitat Use: Determine the preferred habitats of various species for targeted conservation efforts.

  4. Population Dynamics: Study the population dynamics and breeding behaviors of endangered species.

  5. Climate Change Impact: Assess how climate change influences the movement patterns of wildlife.

Help Us Study and Protect Northwest Ecuador's Resident and Migratory Bird Species!

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Do you like our work? Become a part of it!

Help us fund our ongoing conservation work and
research projects with a regular donation!

Your generous support will help us fund:

  • Habitat conservation for endangered species and Chocó-endemics

  • Environmental education workshops for local schools

  • ​Our tree nursery and reforestation​ projects

  • Our solar power system for the research station

  • Research equipment for our monitoring projects

  • Scholarships for Ecuadorian students to conduct research at the reserve

  • and much more...

We are very grateful for every, even small contribution!!
Thanks for getting involved,
Nicole and Wilo
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