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Huasipichai, the long-awaited inauguration of the chill-out-area

Finally, finally, finally we are done!! Our multi-functional chill-out area is ready!

In October last year, we started digging the holes for the bases and this week we put the final touches. We've always wanted a bigger common area where we could host more people to eat, teach courses and workshops, have some space for hammocks or simply put a couple of matresses on the floor and sleep a group of people. And now it's done.

We planned this extension of the station house last summer and worked on it bit by bit when we had the time. And as there are always a lot of things to do in and around the reserve, it all took some time and patience. As we wanted to keep the area open we used mosquito screens all over instead of putting in window glass. Working on this was also a bit tedious, but in the end Wilo closed almost every opening to keep the area open but mosquito-free.

Our current students are extremely happy that the new room is finally usable and now the fight over the three hammocks has started!!

A big "Thank you!" to all the volunteers and students who have helped us build this! We're so sorry for the ones who didn't get to see the end product. You will just have to come back to Ecuador and visit us again ;-)

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