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Welcome to our new Blog

First of all I want to welcome everybody interested in our blog. Inspired by two of our students I decided to start a blog to keep you informed about what we’re doing at the Biological Station Un poco del Chocó.

As the Station’s house is finished now and our first bigger group of students arrived four weeks ago, there is a lot to tell.

There are eight interns, two volunteers and one student doing the field research for his bachelor thesis housing in the new Station’s house. They’re all from Germany. We divided the eight interns in groups by two and they’ve been working on birds, butterflies, leaf-cutter ants, nectar production and hummingbird pollination.

Our first two interns will be leaving tomorrow, so tonight we’ll have a good-bye party with carrot cake and caipirinha (if the freezer does well).

We hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog in the future.


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