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The snake toilet

This week we had an interesting visitor to one of our outhouses. Three weeks ago we already found a snake in the same outhouse. We couldn’t really understand how it came in, but we decided to leave it there and get it out the next day. But the next day it was gone….so we assumed there is a hole or tunnel where it came out.

Snake in the outhouse

Snake in the outhouse

So this week again there was a snake, but this time a little smaller. It was rolled up in a corner of the outhouses’ floor and some students thought it’s dead. So Wilo started working on a stick with a bag to get this snake out. Actually I wasn’t quite sure if it would work, but it did..we got it out easily and took it a few hundred meters away from the student’s house and set it free.

This was already the fifth Ecuadorian Toad-headed Pitviper we found….a very dangerous snake with serious venom. In the last few days a few snakes showed up. The day after our toilet snake I found a Chonta (black, 1,3 meter but not very dangerous) and yesterday the students found one changing its skin. Today we had two sightings of different snakes…

Wilo trying to get the snake
Wilo trying to get the snake
Snake in bag
Searching for a good spot to release the snake
The Toad head
Finally free

This blog post was written by Nicole B.


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