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Environmental Education workshop with Sinsoluka Foundation

Yesterday we had a visit from 22 kids of the Sinsoluka Foundation from Quito. Maartje, a dutch intern, who did a three months project on mixed species flocks in the reserve, had worked with that foundation as a volunteer and she had the idea of bringing some of the kids to the reserve. The Sinsoluka Foundation helps kids with a difficult family background and we thought it is a great idea to give them the opportunity to learn about the montane rainforest.

So the kids left Quito early in the morning and travelled to Las Tolas with a bus. But because of the heavy rainfalls in January we still had problems with a landslide on the road to the station and the kids took the milk truck to get down to the station.

Kids on the bus

Kids getting on milk truck

The adventurous way in

On the truck

Maartje walking with the kids to the station