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Sloth twitching

Claudia, a German student who is currently working for her master thesis at Un poco del Chocó walked down to the river to map flowering plants this morning. It was very warm and sunny and she was carefully inspecting the vegetation when she spotted something very big hanging from a vine: a two-toed sloth!! Obviously it was enjoying the warming sun in that spot, a perfect spot for a photo. Claudia took some pictures and when she got back to the station she reported her sighting. The only time we had seen a sloth in the reserve was about two years ago and unfortunately we couldn’t take any pictures. As we just got a new DSLR I wanted to give it myself a try. So I got my camera and Claudia and I went down to the spot where she had seen the sloth before. But although sloths are very slow animals, it was gone by the time we reached the spot. TOO BAD! It would have been perfect for a photo….maybe next time.

But here some pics Claudia managed to take with her camera.

Two toed sloth

This blog post was written by Nicole


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