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Nature Reserve & Biological Station

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A few new bird species in the reserve

One good thing about all the visiting birders and photographers is that our bird species list is constantly growing. I’ll update the list soon, but so far I think we have 248 species registered in the reserve. In the past two weeks we registered four new species. Christian and Wilo were the first ones to find some Emerald Tanagers accompanying the mixed species flocks around the station house. A visiting photographer took a photo of it and he also found a Scaled Fruiteater right behind the station’s house in a Palicourea tree. He also got some excellent shots of the Cuckoo which was sunbathing on the trail down to our neighbor one morning. Our neighbor was on his horse and when he saw the Cuckoo he came back to our house to tell me that “my bird” was sitting there in the sun. A couple of months ago, he would probably have shot it, but now he is as enthusiastic about it as we are!

Emerald Tanager photographed by Charly Sax
Scaled-Fruiteater photographed by Charly Sax