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Shooting a promo video for Un poco del Chocó

Earlier this year Edwin Toone and Amanda de Luis, a spanish-american couple from Little Miss Lola Productions contacted me. They were planning a visit to Ecuador and they were offering to shoot a promotional video for us on a voluntary base. Of course, we didn't think twice and invited them to visit us in August.

After exchanging another few emails and a Skype call, Amanda already wrote a script and planned a production schedule. So when Edwin and Amanda actually got here, we already knew quite well what and where to shoot the different parts of the video. And still it wasn't so easy, because once the camera was on, one started stuttering and laughing. Nevertheless after four days all footage was taken and Edwin and Amanda left for the next video project.

It will take Edwin a while to edit the video but we will let you know once it is ready.

Preparing for the interview
Preparing for the interview
Video shoot on volunteer work

This blog post was written by Nicole

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