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  • Vivian W.

The early kids got the birds..!

Buenas tardes dear followers from “Un poco del Chocó“

We already have November, but here in the reserve the sun is warm, the trees are still green, the birds are singing with their loveliest voice and soon comes Christmas. Even if you can´t really notice that as a European intern in the rainforest, the year comes slowly to an end. And therefore we decided to invite 12 kids aged between 12 and 16 years from the village next to the reserve, Las Tolas.

Our concept was pretty easy and at the same time luckily successful. We wanted to bring nature closer to the kids and therefore we linked excitement, joy, play and learning together.

The kids arrived on the evening of the 14th November and were welcomed with peach cake and hot chocolate.

Welcome Cake

Afterwards all together we set up the nets for the mist netting we planned to do early in the next morning and gave the kids an introduction of the way how to use them. Additionally we used a bird skin of a toucanet to teach them how to handle a bird, how to ring and measure it, how to sex and age a bird and how to collect data and we explained them why this work is so important for the research of ecosystems.

Setting up the nets
Introduction to bird ringing.JPG

While the sun set the kids had a bit of free time to settle down and prepare their rooms for the night. In the meantime Wilo cooked something nice for dinner.

Straight afterwards we started our night hike to discover the nocturnal animals of “Un poco del Chocó”. On our walk we saw among others millipedes, centipedes, a glass frog, leaf-cutter ants and of course a lot of spiders. And back at the station we had to find out, that not only nocturnal animals exists in the rainforest, but also nocturnal children. The giggles of the boys next door kept us awake until 2.30 am ;-)

Night hike and a millipede